Mobile Apps for Real Estate: Periscope


Your own live broadcast from all your listings.

There is no doubt that we are in the Social Networks era and as proof of this we see every day arise countless platforms or applications that encourage social interaction from a mobile device. Today we want to talk about a mobile application that came to revolutionize social networking and yes, real estate too. This new app is called Periscope.

Periscope is, according to its founders Kayvon & Joe, “the best way to share and watch live video broadcasts from your mobile phone”. Apparently is no longer enough to share a photo on Facebook or Instagram, we can now transmit in real-time the experiences that we are living.

Periscope was acquired by Twitter in March 2015. With this acquisition, Twitter users can add to their respective accounts Periscope and allow other users to see a link where they have been invited to watch the live broadcast.

How does it work? Periscope is very similar to other existing social platform. To enter it is necessary to create an account or you can enter your Twitter user information and automatically create a new account. It is quite simple and could be very useful in showing your listings in Texas to a customer who is in New York or California while you’re narrating all the attributes of the property, attractions and answer any questions from the public. During the transmission you will see on your screen all people connecting, comments, or questions of your followers as well as the equivalent of likes on Facebook, hearts. The more hearts do you receive it means that people are liking what they are seeing.

Once inside Periscope the next step will be to create connections and followers. It’s a similar dynamic to the one of Twitter and Facebook with the difference that instead of creating a post you going to do a live broadcast. The key to capturing the public or your fans to see your transmissions is the content of the title. With the title you will be able to capture (or not) the attention of your followers or the general public.
Periscope and my business Luis Maram, in his blog Inspiring Marketing, offers some tips on how to use periscope to promote our business and now we want to share with you 3 of the tips created by Mr. Maram:

  1. Streaming session of questions and answers – You do not have talk all the time, engages followers, they can ask you questions on a specific topic or you can ask that they want to talk. Everyone wants to be heard and get attention, so use this and listen to what they tell you. You can interview the founder of the company, a partner, the testimony of a satisfied customer and industry expert. Making this kind of weekly or monthly meetings is a good way to build loyalty and receive feedback from consumers.
  2. Live Tutorials – have unlimited possibilities. You can educate fans about your products, demonstrations.
  3. Ask me anything live. People do love to listen to them; will want to participate if they know that their questions will receive answers.

We hope this information has caught your attention and hope you try to promote your listings with this wonderful mobile app Periscope.


10 maneras de usar Periscope para promover tu negocio


One thought on “Mobile Apps for Real Estate: Periscope

  1. Periscope is truly an incredible application, for many industries. Whereas Pinterest was the visual darling of the last few years, application like Periscope and Meerkat have taken up the rich media content torch, and turned up the heat!
    I’m wondering how well this is working with the varied demographics on Periscope? No doubt the visuals are priceless, but what does the audience makeup and ROI look like so far?

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