Brand Social: Powerful element on Real Estate Industry


Social media affords businesses with the opportunity to build their brand and gain customers more quickly, as well as having a greater and more personal impact than traditional branding methods (R. Suelemente, 2012).

On a countless occasions we have commented about the benefits of brand social. We can say that one of these advantages is that you can measure its scope and adjust the target market. According to the site, brands struggle to invest unless they know the ROI they’re getting.

In the celebration of Digital Marketing week (2013) in Spain, the social media expert, Gema Minayo said:

            “Customers want ROI results in a short-term but, the value of building a community sometimes takes time”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if you run a business, you know that the same is true for relationships. Many businesses are of the opinion that each move they make with social media will net them some quick revenue. But the landscape is completely different with social media. Instead of forever trying to sell their product to a market that’s more or less faceless, social media demands that companies reach out to their customers by talking and listening to them. The result is a long-lasting business relationship that will bring long-term revenue (R. Suelemente, 2012).

One of the biggest challenges in the brand social is undoubtedly succeed in creating a community who represent a short-term positive outcomes for the company.

Brand Social & Real Estate

The basis of any marketing effort is digital content, presence and interaction with your audience. It is important to understand that not all social platforms are suitable for any product or service. More important it is to identify the best platform we will work to implement our brand social strategy.

In an interview for this blog, the architect Hans Moll-Stubbe, past President National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Puerto Rico Chapter and Managing Partner at PRISA Group said:

            “Social media is the main marketing tool to create visitor traffic nowadays. We use Facebook continuously to advertise and communicate our development progress, product, and lifestyle philosophy, above all”

This serves as an example of how, in this case, a new residential development has identified Facebook as the ideal platform to promote and build their social brand strategy. This community ( achieved through the content on their fan page on Facebook, keep their followers aware of everything that is happening in terms of construction status, opening of new phases, amenities and upcoming events (PR purposes).

The Arq. Moll-Stubbe, graduated from Syracuse University, also said:

“We’re very visual about what we sell”

This is another example of when a brand has defined the way it is projected in front of their followers in a particular social platform. Gran Vista (brand), is a community surrounded by nature, with comfortable and modern residences offering a unique lifestyle in Puerto Rico. They know the potential of the farm where the complex is built so; they get advantage of the beautiful views as a key element in consumer engagement. Watch and judge for yourself…


El valor de marca, la avalancha de datos y el móvil: los retos del social brand management en #SocialMediaDay


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2 thoughts on “Brand Social: Powerful element on Real Estate Industry

  1. When I was looking for a new apartment, I definitely used the social media sites of different apartment complexes to get a feel for the community. The sites provided me with a place to process feedback from people that had or were currently living there, as well as view videos and layouts that were either not available or limited on the apartments website. It was a huge help to me and it’s nice to see that more companies are taking advantage of the opportunities that social media presents.

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  2. I think that social media is a great tool for the real estate industry. I for one live in an apartment complex that constantly keeps everyone up-to-date on their construction plans and they also post videos of completed projects. I think its imperative for companies to be very visual in their posts on social media. When I searched for the apartment that I am living in now I went first to their social media sites to see any images they had posted along with reading their customer posts. Do you feel like other real estate agencies struggle with this or do you feel like it is growing?

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