When we talk about the presence of Real Estate in social networks we automatically think of a person (realtor) instead of a company as such. This is because in the history of real estate, even before the existence of social networks, agents/brokers have done an excellent job in building their personal brand image. Today we are going to contrast the profile of two realtors from the Dallas (TX) area.

Lilly Garcia from Engel & Volkers and her “Big Fat Book of Real Estate Lessons


Lilly, in her agent profile, says:

“Our relationship is warm, fun, relaxed, based on loyalty and trust by connecting on a deeper level by discovering what drives you.”

This premise defines, in a way, the strategy of this real estate broker that, undoubtedly, seeks to foster a relationship based on friendship rather than B2C. If you look at all her profiles in social networks you will notice that the content is varied; You will find informative capsules and stories of satisfied customers, up to what is a day in Lilly’s life.

Danny Force from Keller Williams Realty


According to his profile, Danny has several years of experience as a realtor in the DFW area. Unlike the previous example, Danny’s profile looks more formal. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just a different style of projecting his personal brand. If you look through his profiles in social networks you will realize that his strategy is based on guiding his followers with informative capsules with videos and links to related articles and highlighting all his achievements as a real estate broker creating a base of trust among his clients.

Social networks have revolutionized the way we do business, especially in real estate. Here we saw how within the same industry you can use different strategies and get positive results. It is important to remember that the main goal of any strategy in social networks is to connect with followers and get those followers to share content with other users.

Do not miss my next blog post where I will talk about the characteristics that a “viral campaign” should have.

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