Social Media: Future Implications​

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Social networks have been characterized by being a constantly changing movement. These changes can be caused by different factors such as human behavior,
changes in technology, or a combination of both. For today’s marketer, it is essential to have the ability to identify these factors in order to create or modify a strategy that goes hand in hand with this movement. It is important to keep in mind that technologies change rapidly but, those technologies are not the point.


What got you here, Won’t get you there

The platforms that are generating positive results in your strategy today, will not necessarily do so tomorrow. Mike Berry, a consultant, and digital marketing trainer mentions in his presentation “The Future of Social Media” that people are loyal to their interests rather than the platform itself. The key point here is that any planned strategy for social networks should be modified according to the platform but based on the audience.


Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, in their book Groundswell, imply that offline, people tend to be more stable in their behavior while online, “People can switch behaviors as soon as they see something better.” Groundswell’s authors also mention that, nowadays, people not only buy online; They are buying for each other. Let’s see it this way, you (marketer) provide the resources and information and the user, through modeling, spread the voice about your brand/product.

There is one thing that is constant in all this, and it is the intention to carry a message. The challenge lies in how that message is delivered through social media. This is always achieved by taking into account the appropriate technologies and being flexible in adjusting to consumer trends/behavior.



Berry, M. (2015) The future of Social Media (Video/Presentation)

Li, C & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell. Winning in a World Transformed by Social   Technologies. HBR Press.


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